Friday, 10 January 2014

Goodbye Baby Bed, Hello Big Bed! (sob)

Well I guess it had to happen. Clementine outgrew her cot. It probably happened a fair while ago actually. It was just her parents who didn't notice. Or were in denial that their little baby is growing up.

Anyhow, this was the scene yesterday when we started our de-cluttering process of the bedroom, dismantled the cot and moved in the big bed. And despite how it looks, I didn't paint the walls, it's just the light changing I think.

Her two special blankies in her cot. They've come over to the big bed too..
All five of our babies have slept in this cot. I remember on the day of Milo's funeral I placed him in it and took photos and told him that this would have also been his baby bed had he lived. Daisy slept in it too for a little while, until we were given a waterchair which was so much easier, and then she was always parked right next to my side of the bed in our room overnight.

This room wasn't really meant to be a bedroom when we were building. I guess we called it Daisy's room although she never slept a night in it, and for a time I thought it might become a rumpus room or something. Until little Clementine came along and now it's most definately hers.

Here's how it looks today. I found this beautiful bed frame at a friend's garage sale a few months ago. She was selling two on behalf of another friend, so of course I took them both. And no, I don't know what I'll do with the other one, but I just couldn't leave it behind, especially when they were $50 for the two. PS: Am so tempted to have them powder coated in black and shoved out on the deck that will be built this year!

But for now it's all Clementines. And she wasn't very impressed. She had one last day sleep in her cot yesterday before we all said goodbye to it and talked about how exciting it is to have a big bed just like Felix and Ruby Doo. All afternoon we'd say: "Would you like to sleep in your big bed tonight?" And she'd say: "No". "Look, here's your big bed, isn't it lovely?" And she'd say "No". "Would you like to sit on your new bed with mummy?" "No". "Well what about with Felix then?" "NO!" 

I have to say though that after the whole process she was too tired to protest and went straight off to sleep.

Here's a few detail shots for you. I can't go past pink and orange for little girls. With pompoms.

This is the little table and chairs I found last year and cleaned all the stickers off. Next to the big old wardrobe I repainted. It's still too big for here but is great storage. Still undecided about what to do with this side of the room though. She can just play dress ups and tea parties with her dolly in the meantime.

Here's a few chandelier, lamp and basket shots.

These cushions and mirror were Daisy's. Found the cushions heavily reduced (due to missing pompoms) and loved the velvet fabric. And I tiled the mirror a few weeks before Daisy was born on my parents' back verandah while we were visiting for the weekend. Think she'd love that her baby sister would be looking at herself in it. And trying to get it off the wall.

And here's my darling Clementine. She's still struggling a little bit today with this big bed concept, although last night was the best night's sleep she's had in weeks. And mine too for that matter.

Let's keep it all crossed that the sleeping through the night in the big bed will continue shall we little one?

And I don't want anyone to panic, but the last time we tried to pack away baby gear, little Miss Clementine joined the family. Hmm. 


  1. Well I think it looks like the perfect bedroom for a big girl in a perfect big bed :0)

  2. So beautiful Kell, what a gorgeous room- you've done a great job. Despite the protests it sounds like she is already getting used to her lovely big bed xx

    1. Thanks Leanne, I love being in there even if she still isn't impressed! xx

  3. What a lucky girl having such a beautiful room filled with beautiful special things.....I am sure she will sleep well because she knows how special it is....
    Hope the parting with the baby things goes well and no surprises you weren't counting on xxxxx

    1. Thanks Bron! Think I spoke too soon, last night's sleep was a shocker! She's going through another one of those not sleeping phases that all kids do, little monkey. xx

  4. just beautiful I hope she sleeping well in there. I know when my 3rd and final babe grows out of his cot it will be a sad day.

    1. I know Lisa, I don't think it's really hit me yet. I'd keep her in the cot forever if I could, my back just wasn't coping with the lifting anymore, and she was too big. Hope your little one stays little for a good while yet xx


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