Thursday, 17 July 2014

Thursday Thankful

I bought these little beeswax candles this week and just loved the box they came in. Was lovely to be reminded of that phrase again.

For a little while now I've been thinking I should really write down the things that I'm grateful for. I'm always inspired by those that do, especially you Bron, who has been doing it for so long. So I've decided that I will too. I can't guarantee that I'll join in every week as we can all see I'm such an erratic blogger, but I will give it a red-hot go.

So these last couple of weeks I've been grateful for

  • the beautiful messages, gifts and love we received last week on Daisy's anniversary.
  • spending time with family and friends during the school holidays.
  • the relationships my children have with their cousins and how much they all love each other.
  • no soccer during the holidays which meant I could go back to the gym early on a Saturday morning! It's been a very long time...
  • finding time to read, alone!
  • being able to provide our kids with warm food and beds every night.
  • a husband who comes home every night (after so many years working away).
  • a husband who comes home every night with arms full of firewood and keeps the fire burning all night long (I was never able to do that when he was away).
  • beautiful, caring respite workers who gave Ruby a little holiday during her holidays. It took us a long time to find them and Ruby's excitement when she knows she's spending a couple of days with them in respite in the school holidays always makes me feel relieved that she's safe and happy. Am so thankful for that.
  • how happy our kids were going back to school and pre-school this week, am always grateful that they seem to love school so much (it took poor old Ruby a long time to start loving school), and that they have such gorgeous teachers too.
  • the progress that Clemmie's speechie and I are seeing in her at the moment, despite ongoing ear infections this year. We're heading down the hearing aid track shortly, and she's been trying so hard to do all the things she's been asked. Small steps little girl!

Joining in over here with Bron for her Thursday Thankfuls.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Ten on Ten

Hold onto your horses people, I remembered to take ten photos today over ten hours to join in with Rebekah  for Ten on Ten in July!

I'm just as surprised as anyone else.

But it was a great day to be at home, warm in front of the fire, with the kids on holidays and an ever changing - freezing - landscape out the window. If not for that minor World Cup defeat early this morning, it might have been perfect ;)

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Remembering Daisy

It was Daisy's fifth anniversary yesterday. I can hardly believe it. I didn't know I could live without her for so long. And I don't know how I still do.

Last week her cousins all asked could they spend the day of her anniversary out here together, which I thought was a lovely idea. So we ate scones and blew bubbles and sent balloons all the way up to heaven. The kids scrambled up and down the hill to the trees they've been playing in and all day we received messages from dear friends who've never forgotten my girl, or us. It was just lovely to be all together with family and friends who loved her so much.

It was a beautiful sunny winter's day, exactly like the day on which she died. The sky was clear and blue, perfect for pink balloons. I couldn't get over Ruby wanting to be outside with us. She doesn't cope well with walking on uneven surfaces and yet yesterday she grabbed hold of two of those balloons and marched outside with such purpose and held them until it was time to let them go. I loved it. I also loved how a couple of them just hovered above us all for a little while, before heading off to Daisy.

I burned a candle for her all day and when the sun set I took some flowers up to the angel under her trees and sat there on my own for a while. I thought about the last five years and all that's happened in that time, and wondered what the next five might bring. I prayed for peace and strength and all my other little daily intentions. I thought about how this has been the first year I haven't been consciously counting down the days between her birthday in May and her death in July. And how I had no expectations of what her anniversary might be like this year. Instead I've just let all of that go.

And in doing so I watched a really special day unfold and I felt so very grateful to all of those who've shown us over the years that we've not been forgotten in our grief and our love for the precious little soul that is my Daisy blossom.

And as always, so grateful for the blessing it is to be her mummy.

Oh Daise, unfold those wings my darling xxx

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Weekly Stills: A Collection

  1. Cue the sunshine...
  2. And fog photos. That's one of my favourites that one, can't you just hear the angels singing?
  3. A few of Clementine's favourite things, beanies.
  4. Wimbledon has begun! How I love Wimbledon, brings back so many memories of sitting up all night watching with my dad when I was a kid. Anyhow, I've been warming up by reading about Andre and his tennis adventures. Oh Andre, what a childhood you had. 
  5. Ajax has been setting a record of his solid week of sleeping on his new warm dog pillow/mattress thing without tearing it to shreds! Let's try and extend that to two weeks hey little dog?
  6. And in wallaroo news, look who's back on the hill! My spirit guide looking fit and healthy. It's lovely to see him around again.
How are we all travelling? Cold? Tired? Emotional? Okay that must just be us.  End of term + coming down off an overseas trip of a lifetime + up all night watching World Cup shenanigans = one grumpy young man, my little friend Felix. When he realised that Wimbledon started last night he said: Mum! Want to pull an all-nighter with me on the lounge and we can watch all the things? God bless him and his one-eyed support of the Dutch national team, it's been a bit stressful. School holidays begin next week after the shortest school term in history and I for one will be insisting on daytime naps. For everybody.

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Weekly Stills: A Collection

  1. Well that was an exciting morning! The neighbour's ram wandered over for breakfast on our lawn. We're feeding various kangaroos overnight, may as well feed the sheep too.
  2. Took this during half time when the Socceroos played Chile on Saturday. Who needs a sea view when the fog puts on a winter show like that?
  3. Beautiful rain on the weekend.
  4. Am on the cyclamen train! Love that hot pink.
  5. Love these blue chalk succulents. Waiting for them to multiply into some kind of ground cover/border style arrangement.
  6. Pizza dough proving in front of the fire.
  7. And in play time news, Clemmie and I found ourselves a bargain during the week, this dollhouse for less than half price! I told her that I've waited my whole life for a dollhouse like this one. Does anyone remember those two little girls playing in their dollhouse on Sesame Street (I'm talking in the '70's) and the cats come in and ruin everything? I think that's where my love of dollhouses began. Now we have the dollhouse, and bonus, two cats!
  8. Bedside light.
  9. I don't think I can believe my eyes. See that little bud? Could the moth orchid be blooming? Tune in next week for a floral update!
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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Weekly Stills: A Collection

When I last checked the calendar it was the end of March and my little girls and I were waving our boys, Sherby and Felix off at the airport as they flew over the seas and far away to Oma and family in The Netherlands. They were gone for five weeks and have been home now for a month and I cannot tell you how quickly the time went. Or how much I missed them.

Almost as quickly as the rest of this year! Was that really the June long weekend just passing us by? That's just crazy that is.

Technically these photos are from the last couple of weeks because I don't know if anyone's paying attention but this is a woefully neglected blog and I can't post anything more exciting than some snapshots of my goings on around the house every couple of weeks. And these last weeks have been filled to the brim with doctor's visits, OT/physio/hearing and early intervention appointments as well as some lovely teaching days, and some trips away to watch my Felix play soccer. Which has been the best fun.

  1. So riddle me this all the green thumbs among you. This maidenhair fern lives right next to the fire and would have to be the healthiest plant in the house. Have been wondering when I might need to move it out of the heat but it seems too happy, or is it just biding its time?
  2. And on the last day of May while I'd been meditating my way through the month raising money for clean water, God sent the rain!
  3. It was a beautiful day for scones, all rainy and foggy and the fire roaring away. No photos of the scones sorry, just the candles and that pretty fern.
  4. Clementine has a wonderful time re-arranging the kitchen drawers. She usually does this while I'm cooking and guess who has to try to fit them all back in?
  5. And I found her organising her winter wardrobe one day last week, concentrating on the shoe department. I wish they made those starry yellow gumboots in my size.
  6. The first day of winter brought the fog!
  7. Felix has come home from his trip speaking beautiful Dutch and really embracing his father's heritage and culture, so much so that I fear he's plotting his return to live the dream; permanently overseas while playing football somewhere in Europe. And leaving his mother at home on the hill. Anyway, he's geared up for the World Cup, starting any day now! Are we Socceroos supporters in this house? Well of course we are! We also follow Nederlands, especially dressed in all of this orange at ungodly hours of the night. Gear up people, it's almost time!
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