Friday, 5 September 2014

Thursday Thankful

I have to apologise for the lack of blogging. It's been a while between posts and I only have tonsillitis to blame. But now that I have my voice and a bit of energy back, I have a lot to be thankful for...

  • lovely friends who check in to see how you're going.
  • a cat miraculously healing his sore paw without an expensive trip to the vet. I'm looking at you Claude, what a relief.
  • getting some days' work at a lovely school.
  • a little girl wearing her new hearing aid and having her teachers tell me what a difference it's been making. I'm looking at you darling Clementine, good girl!
  • beautiful drenching rain to fill the tanks and kick-start rose season!
  • true love....ahhh....Sherby and I were at a beautiful wedding recently and all I could think about was how happy endings and new beginnings are possible and how dreams really can come true...I know, mush mush can imagine the tears, I was bawling like a baby. So embarrassing.
  • husbands who dance at weddings! Sherby, I'm looking at you, we didn't know you had it in you!
  • compliments. Let me tell you, if ever you need a bit of a pick me up, help out in a kindergarten class. The compliments from the five and six year olds are overwhelming. You'll walk out of there on cloud nine believing that your hair really is beautiful, as is your outfit and jewellery and lipstick and you'll feel this way all afternoon. I can highly recommend it.
  • kids who stun you with their poetry homework.
  • and rainbows on the days I really need them. Took the photos above one Sunday not long ago on a really special weekend for the kids in the family. I know I harp on about the rainbows but I do see them as a gift and am so grateful when they appear. 
Am joining in with you Bron!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Ten on Ten

Joining in again with Rebekah, taking ten photos over ten hours on the tenth day of, AUGUST? On a beautiful Sunday, one of those great days to just hang out at home. 

Friday, 8 August 2014

Thursday Thankful

For only the second time in the five years you've been gone, I dreamed about you last night my Daisy blossom. Some nights I go to bed asking you to come to me in my dreams and you never do, but for whatever reason, last night you did. And I'm so glad.

There was a lot going on in that dream. But I keep thinking about the parts with you in it. We were staying together at Bear Cottage, and your father and brother were across the way in a little unit near a beach. There was no Ruby or Clementine. In the dream, for three days I was gathering you up and taking you over in the early mornings to visit your Pa and Felix. And then I'd take you up to a lookout point on top of the beach, where we'd stand in the dark waiting for the sunrise. You were wrapped like you always were, asleep in your soft pink blanket, and you looked as beautiful and as peaceful as you always did. 

And just like that, the dream was over. I woke up with tears in my eyes and told your father about you. I said to him that I could really feel you, the weight of you and how close you were right there with me just as I opened my eyes. It just felt so real. I've thought about the dream and that feeling all day, and it's made me cry. 

I feel like I take photos of the sun rising all the time. It's hard not to, living up here. Every one is different and all of them are equally as glorious. I was up really early on Monday morning when I took these photos.

I can't help but think that I was dreaming about the sunrise after seeing this one. I've been wondering what that dream means. Were the three mornings referring to the three years of Daisy's life? Does the sunrise mean new beginnings? Was I standing there offering her up and letting her go? Were we saying hello or goodbye? Was Ruby not in the dream because I've been so worried she's leaving me too?

I could spend all day wondering but I don't suppose it really matters. It was such an unexpected and special experience to be so close to Daisy and to feel her again. I can't tell you how lovely it was.

And for that, this week and every week, I feel so very thankful.

Joining in here with you Bron.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Friday Sky Day.

Took these photos this afternoon over an hour or so. It was freezing, the wind was icy and although I'm no expert, I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere out there, those clouds held snow. 

And I still love how quickly the light changes, especially when the sun sinks below the hills behind us and then highlights the tops of the mountains out along the range with that glowing red and orange. They really channel their inner Uluru don't you think?

Overall, the effect is stunning Mother Nature, keep up the great work!

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Weekly Stills: A Collection

It's been weeks and weeks since I took photos of our week! Here's a few taken since the last time, well before school holidays I think?
  1. Sometimes when it's stormy, the sun suddenly peeks out and so does my camera. I will never tire of that gold and navy colour combo in that incredible light.
  2. A new garden bed. You know what I'm planning to plant in the middle between the hedge and the liriope don't you. Yep, more roses.
  3. These have been on high rotation lately, whistle blowers courtesy of the speechie, and tiny teddies. Clem needs to learn to blow those blowers and not just to put her lips on them and go "mmmm".
  4. I think it might be official. We have a little leftie in the family!
  5. Books, Peppa, a tutu and pink boots. A few of her favourite things.
  6. You thought you'd seen the last of the rose photos now that it's winter didn't you? So did I! But the Mon Petit Chou had other ideas and is still blooming. Talk about confusing. Think I'll get those pruning shears out this week.
  7. I think that this might be one of my all time favourite photos. That's Peppa's parents, Mummy and Daddy Pig, sitting up at the kitchen table in the dollhouse. Don't they look like they've just collapsed in fits of giggles? Wonder if wine was involved?
  8. And poor old Claude, presiding over the firewood, out of reach of the dog. Claude, how I wish I was not so allergic so that you and Caspar could be indoor cats. You could totally snuggle up on the beds. That would be the best! But sadly Claude, I think that will only happen in our dreams. 

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Thursday Thankful List (on Sunday!)

Well better late than never, here's what's made me thankful this week.

  • I know I mentioned it last week, but I'm so thankful for the educators teaching my children. Ruby has a couple of great teachers who email me every night and tell me the cutest stories of the fun they have in the classroom. It makes the world of difference knowing what a loved member of the class she is. The smile Ruby gives me every night going to bed excited for school the next day is too beautiful for words. Am so grateful for that.
  • a gift of firewood, and good firewood that burns for days!
  • watching the fun between my kids and their grandparents.
  • dropping something off to Felix at school and hearing him yell THANKS MUM across the oval in front of all his mates (am so thankful that I wasn't embarrassing him for once!)
  • being inspired by a new (to me) yoga teacher.
  • beautiful, much needed rain.
  • and small mercies in the midst of horrific tragedy. Cannot imagine the loss of whole families and loved ones in last week's plane crash. What can be said that hasn't been already. I only hope that those affected can feel the prayers of others for them and that they are held in love.
Am linking with you Bron

Friday, 25 July 2014

Friday Sky Day.

Took a little walk up to the very top of our hill with Ajax tonight to watch the sun set in this gorgeous watercolour sky.

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